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July 2014 - Beginning

July, 2014

I guess most good stories start at either the beginning or the end. Perhaps it is best then that I state that I don't know if this is a good story or a bad one, hence I will pick-up in the middle.

I am 350 pounds and six feet high. Thirty-five. Married. I am like everyone else; I am flawed . . . and I keep trying to be better.

While I have always seen myself as overweight, I never really realized that I was fat until fairly recently. In fact, I have never really tried to "diet." Mind you that I have never had any serious health concerns besides a few sore backs and stretch marks on my belly. In fact, when I go to my annual physical, the doctor usually begins to tell my about my cholesterol in a low concerned tone, but upon reading the actual score, lightens his voice to reflect surprise at the fact that I am quite healthy; for a fat guy.

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It is this background that I want the reader to be aware of. I have made a decision to lose my weight. It is time to do this. Do I plan a fad diet, or surgery? No. While these plans may work for some people, in reality I have yet to try the first step: simply eating less and being active. I did not gain 350 pounds in eight months, why should I expect to lose it in that time frame. My goal is simple: lose 150 pounds in three years. Will I be pleased if I lose it faster than that? You bet your ass I will, but I also recognize that I will not always be successful in what I am doing and that I may at times gain weight back. I am really talking about a change in lifestyle, and that is something that won't happen overnight.

On these pages I hope to chronicle my efforts, for better or worse. I also hope to reflect on the issues related to obesity in our society as well as a few other random musings along the way.


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